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Scope and Editorial policy

Religião e Sociedade publishes original articles in Brazil. In each number, we try to include papers of Brazilian and foreign authors, from different institutions and from different regions.



Preparation of originals

Presentation of articles

Articles must be presented in three hard copies. Manuscripts should have at most 40 pages (typed double-spaced Times New Roman size 12 or equivalent, margins of 2,5 cm.) including notes and bibliography, which should come at the end of text. Notes must include complementary information, not simply bibliographical references. Rules for bibliographical references are shown hereunder. Front page should show: title, author's name and address. Manuscripts must include an abstract in Portuguese and in English (between 80 and 120 words) and data on the author (institutional link, most recent degree, email or full address).

Articles will be presented to two peers, on whose advice the editorial board will take a decision which shall be announced to the author. Both author and peers shall remain anonymous during the evaluation process. Should the peers disagree, a third peer will be indicated. In case of approval, the author must send (by email, in Word for Windows or similar) a final version with eventual changes as agreed. No changes will be accepted after the manuscript has been sent to composition. Peers are chosen among known specialists of the subject involved, with a priority for the members of Scientific Council) and of the Editorial Board.

The authors of published articles will receive three copies, and the authors of reviews will receive two copies of the journal.



Sending of manuscripts

There is a constant flux of articles on many subjects reaching the journal. There is also a specific flux relating to the subjects of every year's numbers. The Editorial Board may decide to publish special numbers with applied for articles. Special numbers are extra to twice-yearly regular numbers. The journal also publishes reviews on recently published works, in Brazil and in foreign countries.


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