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Scope and policy

Articles, essays, literature reviews and analytical summaries of books in Spanish, English and French is received by Cuadernos de Economia for its possible publication, containing valuable contributions towards the advance of knowledge in economic, political, social, administrative and demographic areas.

All material considered for publication must be unedited (i.e. original manuscripts which have been published in other journals.

Pair review Papers will be evaluated by experts on the topic in question, according to the following criteria: conceptual and methodological rigor, and clarity and coherence in argument and statement. The editorial committee will decide on whether contributions are to be published. In the case of publishable articles, the peers’ evaluations will be sent to authors so that they can make the respective adjustments. Regarding articles where a decision has been made not to publish them, the journal will refrain from replying to unsolicited correspondence.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

An author must request an article reception form by e-mail or in person; this must then be filled out and send together with the article.

Languaje Papers considered for publication whether submitted in Spanish, English or French.

Format Work must be presented in Word (text) or Excel for PC (tables and graphs) document form. An article should contain 10,000 to 12,000 words, including notes and bibliographical references.

Title An article’s title must be explicative and convey the essence of the work. The heading of each section must be written in bold, to the left of it and in capital letters.

Abstract The abstract written must not exceed 120 words. Three or four keywords must be specified in Spanish and English, as well as three or four classification codes from JEL nomenclature.

Visual resources Tables, graphs or maps must be legible, having well-defined conventions and files must be sent in the programmes which were used to create them (usually Excel), indicating the page where they should be inserted or whether they should be included as appendices.

Bibliography The bibliography should only mention sources cited in the work; the section is thereby entitled Bibliographic references.

Symbols Mathematical symbols must be clear and legible. Subscript and superscript must be correctly applied.


Sending of manuscripts

An author must send an original and two copies of the article to the journal to journal office and the electronic file to ours emails, see address bellow.


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