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About this journal

Ambiente & Sociedade is a quarterly publication of the National Association of Graduate Courses and Research in Environment and Society – ANPPAS, that contributes with the area of knowledge that articulates the interface between Environment and Society, within an interdisciplinary approach.


Brief historic of the journal

Ambiente & Sociedade publishes scientific work of national and international contributors, which are subject to evaluations by ad hoc reviewers.

The journal began its activities in 1997, as an outcome of an inter-institutional articulation of researchers of a then incipient area of knowledge, the interface between issues of environment and social sciences. Until 2010, the Centre for Environmental Studies and Research (NEPAM) of the University of Campinas was in charge of the administrative coordination. Since 2011, ANPPAS is responsible for all editorial and administrative activities. Editorial secretary and editorial executive board are at Programa de Pós Graduação em Ciência Ambiental (PROCAM-USP).



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