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Scope and policy

The Sur – Revista Internacional de Direitos Humanos aims at disseminating a Global Southern perspective on human rights and to facilitate exchange among professors and activists from the Global South without disregarding contributions from other regions. It mixes articles on theory with those on practice, and is devoted to creating a safe space for healthy debate among those grappling with the day’s most serious human rights challenges.

Papers may be submitted at any time to the Editorial Board for consideration.


Alter a formal review by the Editors, papers are submitted to the Editorial Board (Peer and blind review). The Consultative Board participates in the selection of articles when requested by the Editors.


Submission of manuscripts

Contributions should be sent in electronic form (MS Word format) to and should follow these guidelines:

-Between 7,000 and 10,000 words.
-Concise footnotes. (Please find at the end of this text the rules for citation.)
-Short biography of author (maximum of 50 words).
-Abstract (no more than 150 words), including keywords for the required bibliographical classification.
-Date when the paper was written.

Rules of Citation

Please do not add a bibliography at the end of the paper. All the references should be included in the footnotes.


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