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Scope and policy

The Revista de Economía Institucional has the compromise to fulfill the general standards of academic quality. All documents will be sent to anonymous referees and will be considered disregard its theoretical approach, the author's point of view, or the method used. It will be consider the general standards of an academic research, having preference for unpublished works within the wide range of institutional economics.

Article's evaluation process

All documents would have a preliminary evaluation from the Editorial Coordinator, the Editorial Board and/or the Editor, where the thematic characteristics will determine the pertinence of its inclusion in the selection process. Once the documents are selected for the evaluation process, they will be sent to two different referees, national or international, who can recommend the following: a) publish including suggested adjustments; b) review and send again; c) not publish. It there is any discrepancy between the referee's opinions, this will be solved by sending the article to a third party. The Editorial Board has the final decision over the documents that will be published in the journal; after reviewing the comments made by the referees.

Periods of evaluation

The Editorial Coordinator will send the articles to evaluation as soon as possible. Referee's evaluation will be done within a period of two months. If the referees recommend not to publish the document, it will be taken out of the selection process. If this is not the case, the journal will ask the authors to review the referee's comments and include the adjustments they consider appropriate. This process will take two months, approximately. Once the journal received the new version from the authors, the documents will be edited and presented to the Editorial Board, who will make the final decision of publication.

Communication with the authors

The Editorial Coordinator will communicate the Editorial Board's decisions by letter o e-mail. The journal will not return not published articles and will not give information before the periods of evaluation have expired. Not publish documents will be kept in different folders in the journal's archives.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

  • The authors should send a copy by email in word format, single space, Time New Roman and size 12.
  • The articles should not be longer than 12.000 words and the book reviews and discussions no longer than 3.000 words. The authors should also send an abstract no longer than 108 words, their curriculum vitae, and a list of the graphics and charts with their original data base, when it will be the case.
  • Footnotes should be used only for additional notes.
  • Citation inside the text should appear in parenthesis, including author's last name, year of publication and pages.
  • The bibliographic references should appear at the end of the document with the following standards:


Book's references of should include: the author's last name and first name initial, book title in italics, city of publication, publisher and year of publication.
Example: Arrow, K. Social Choice and Individual Values, Nueva York, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1963.

Chapter in books

For chapters in books: the author's last name and first name initial, title of the chapter with quotation marks, editor's first name initial and last name, book title in italics, city of publication, publisher, year of publication and pages.
Example: Boothe, P. "Capital Budgeting in the Public Sector: Lessons from Alberta's History", J. Mintz y R. Preston, eds., Capital Budgeting in the Public Sector, Kingston, John Deutsch Institute, 1993, pp. 31-65.


For articles in journals: the author's last name and first name initial, title of the article with quotation marks, journal's name in italics, volume, number, year of publication and pages.
Example: Nickell, S. 1997. "Unemployment and Labor Market Rigidities: Europe vs. North America", Journal of Economic Perspectives 11, 3, pp. 55-93.

Sending of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent to:

Carolina Hernández
Carrera 1 No. 12-68, Casa de las Mandolinas
Universidad Externado de Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia

or by e-mail to:

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