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Scope and Policy

Cadernos Pagu - interdisciplinary journal from the Center for Gender Studies Pagu, Unicamp - accepts articles, essays, interviews, reviews and research documents related to the field of gender studies. The texts submitted are reviewed by the Editorial Committee and ad hoc peers reviewers. Each articles is initially submitted to two outside referees and when there are contradictory evaluations it is submitted to a third opinion. Published works are not accepted; nevertheless the journal publishes translations of relevant theoretical articles in the field of gender studies, chosen from a selection of the Editorial Committee. Authors are responsible for the articles content and for the selection of keywords.

Cadernos Pagu is intended to reach an academic public, and university libraries from all over the country look forward to each issue, besides the great interest that comes from graduate students. In the last few years, though, government and non-government organizations that deal with women, homosexuals and transgender issues and politics have also acquired our collection.


Preparation of originals

Articles - Maximum of 9000 words or 45000 characters (including space), with abstract in Portuguese and English (up to 7 lines), keywords (up to 5) and title in Portuguese and English;

Essays - maximum of 6000 words or 30000 characters (including spaces).

Preparation of originals Book and journal titles in the text should come in italic, as well as foreign words. Author emphasis should be in bold.

Book reviews - They are accepted when reviewing books published in the last two years in Brazil, or in the last five years abroad.

All the texts should be sent with a separate page with the name of the author, institutional affiliation, phone number, and e-mail. The author's name should not come with the article itself, in order to protect anonymity in the peer review process. Images or photos should be sent in jpeg or tiff format, 300 dpi of resolution. Reproduction rights is the author's responsibility.

Footnotes (new format)

Numbered in the order of appearance, only comments.  Authors should be emphasized in the text’s body, according to the following criterion: author’s family name, year of publication, colon, page (Strathern, 2006: 25-26).  Works published in the same year should be differentiated through alphabet letters (1988a, 1988b).

Bibliographic references should come at the end of the article (review, document, interview, according to the following criteria:

Book - LAST NAME, First Name. Title (italic). Place, Press, Year. [STRATHERN, Marliyn. The gender of the Gift: problems with women and problems with society in Melanesia. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1988.]

Book chapters - LAST NAME, First Name. Chapter title. In: LAST NAME, First Name. Title (italic). Place, Press, Year, pages. [ALGRANTI, Leila Mezan. Conventos e recolhimentos em Portugal e na América portuguesa: um estudo comparativo sobre instituições de reclusão feminina (séculos XVII e XVIII). In: COVA, Anne; RAMOS, Natália e JOAQUIM, Teresa. (orgs.) Desafios da Comparação: Família, mulheres e gênero em Portugal e Brasil. Oeiras, Celta, 2004, pp.65-88.]

Journal articles - LAST NAME, First Name. Article title. Journal title (italic). (Issue number). Place, date, pages [CORRÊA, Mariza. Trampas do Traje. Cadernos Pagu (22), Campinas-SP, Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero-Pagu/Unicamp, 2004, pp.185-200.]

Theses and dissertations: LAST NAME, First Name. Title (no italics). Degree, Field, Institution, Year. [ALBUQUERQUE, Maria Elisa Vercesi de. Publicidade na TV: o fenômeno da longevidade do garoto Bombril. Dissertação de mestrado, Sociologia, Unicamp, 2000.]

Works that have already been mentioned before in the text, should come as follows:

LAST NAME, First letter of the first name. Three first words of the title… Op. cit., number of page(s) when necessary. [ALGRANTI, L. M. Conventos e recolhimentos... Op. cit., pp.75-81.]


Original submissions

Submissions should be sent in paper and diskette to Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero – Pagu a/c Cadernos Pagu or through email to in a document of the Word for Windows or in compatible programs.


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