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Basic information

Novos Estudos Cebrap to publish original contributions in Sociology, Politics, Anthropology and Humanities.

The goal of the journal is to publish relevant studies and to present contributions to the intellectual debate in a wide variety of subjects, from art criticism to the implementation of economic and social polices.

Its abbreviated title is Novos estud. - CEBRAP, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.




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Institutional sponsors

  • Fundação Carlos Chagas (FCC)
  • Ministério de Ciência e Tecnologia (MCT)
  • Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq)
  • Finaciadora de Estudos e Projetos (Finep)
  • Carlos Chagas Foundation
  • Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT)
  • National Council for Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq)
  • Supporter of Studies and Projects (Finep)


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