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Manuscripts' form and presentation

Norms for the submission of papers

The International Relations Journal is an IRI publication of analysis and debate of current affairs in the International agenda. The Editorial Committee analyses submissions in order to evaluate their publication, only if they meet the following requirements:

1. the papers must be original and unpublished. They must respect copyright laws in force and their authors solely will be responsible for their statements and the accuracy of the information in the articles.

2.- They must have a minimum of 20,000 and a maximum of 40,000 characters (including spaces between words). They must be submitted in electronic format of "doc" or "rtf" file (in a disc or as an attachment), accompanied by an abstract of between 750 and 1,000 characters (including spaces between words). Titles and subtitles must be typed in Capital and small letters and be highlighted in bold letters.

3.- If the paper includes images, they must be submitted in a separate file with a resolution of over 150 pdi, indicating in the body of the paper where they are to be included. It this includes graphs, they must be in the body of the paper.

4.- Footnotes must have correlative numbering, unique through the paper. An initial note of no more than 200 characters (including spaces between words) with reference to the author.

5.- Bibliographical citation will be given in the text, between brackets, including the author's surname, publishing date, and, if relevant, page numbers. For example, ( Sen, 2000: 273-277)

6.- The bibliography will be included at the end of the paper with alphabetical ordering of authors´surnames and must reflect: surname (in capital letters) and name of author (in capital and small letters), title (books and journals in italics; journal articles and chapters from books between inverted commas and pages included must be detailed), publishing company, place and date. For example, SEN, Amartya; Desarrollo y Libertad; Planeta, Barcelona, 2000


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