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Scope and editorial policy

The BPSR welcomes submissions of articles, ongoing research notes and review essays from political scientists and researchers from related disciplines. The review's scope is broad, as it will consider without prejudice submissions representing the entire range of political science research - theoretical or empirical, cross-national or focused on a single-country, quantitative or qualitative.

BPSR will only publish new research, subject to a process of blind peer review


Form and preparation of manuscripts


Submissions to the BPSR are expected to follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so will lead to the return of the manuscript without review.

All articles will be subject to a blind peer review process. Research notes and book reviews will be evaluated by the Editorial Committee.

Manuscript Formatting:

The following specifications must be used:
Page set up to standard A4 paper
1.5 left and right margins
1.5 line spacing
Time New Roman font, 12 point

Manuscripts should be arranged as follows:

TITLE PAGE: The title of the article should appear on a separate page, with the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation, e-mail address, and full postal address of the author to whom proofs and other correspondence should be sent. The title page should also indicate the date the manuscript was submitted.

ABSTRACT PAGE: An abstract not exceeding 250 words and indication of 5 (five) key words.

MAIN TEXT: The main text should be numbered from 1, with the number positioned at the upper right corner of the page. The text should not exceed 35 pages, or approximately 10 thousand words. Research notes and review essays should not exceed 10 pages or approximately 2,5 thousand words.

All headings must start at the left margin and be typewritten with capital initials; they are not to be underlined.

All paragraphs must star at the left margin with capital initials; they must be left justified and must not contain any marks or tabs (justifications). Location of tables, graphs and figures must be indicated in the text and must be numbered sequentially (e.g., Table 1, Graph 2, Figure 3, Table 4, and so on).

NOTES: Notes must be placed at the end of the text and must be numbered consecutively. Notes are to be brief, limited to essential matters.

REFERENCES: In the main text, tables, graphs and figures references should follow scientific international notation, exp.: (FIGUEIREDO, 9999); or (FIGUEIREDO, 999:99).

A list of references must be included at the end of the manuscript, starting on separate page, unnumbered, and in alphabetical order. They must include all authors referred to in the text, tables, graphs or figures, following the criteria:

Books: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. (9999), The life in Saturn. Rio de Janeiro: Saturno.

Articles: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. 1, pp. (9999), "The life in Saturn", BPSR, vol. 1, n 123-124.

Electronic Sources: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. (9999), 1, day and month, pp. (if exist), "the life in Saturn", E-Jornal, vol. 1, n <electronic adress>.

TABLES: Each table must be on a separate sheet(s) and should have a short descriptive heading; they must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point size, 1.5 spaces, as in the article's main body. Notes and sources must be placed bellow the tables, using Times New Roman, 10 point size. We recommend the use of Microsoft Word' Table Function or Excel.

GRAPHS: Each graph must be on separate sheet(s) and should have a short descriptive heading. We recommend the use of Excel or similar and suggest that the sheets with the figures used to create the graphs be also submitted. Notes and sources must be placed bellow the graphs, using Times New Roman 10 point size.

FIGURES AND ILLUSTRATIONS: Each Figure must be on separate sheet(s). Originals should be submitted in photo-like format. Legends, titles, notes and sources must be part of the figure sheet(s).

PROOFS: The corresponding author will receive proofs by email and, at this state, will be able to check the manuscript and make corrections when appropriate.


Sending of manuscripts


Manuscripts should be submitted in English. Only Brazilians authors can submit originals in Portuguese.

Submissions should be by e-mail, sent to, with the words "submission to BPSR" in the subject line. In addition to the presentation of the article, the body of the message should contain the name, institutional affiliation and address of the author(s). It should also contain the name of the software used to generate each part of the manuscript.

Manuscripts must be sent as four different files attached to the original message. These files must be named and contain, when appropriate, TEXT, TABLES, GRAPHS, and FIGURES. The text can be composed in any word processing software, but preferably Microsoft Word; tables and graphs should be preferably in Microsoft Excel; there is no preferred software for figures.


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